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  1. Heather Featherstone

    Wow – I’m impression (and not usually so). Found you via your Moon Cycles book on Amazon. I’ve been in the dumps for some time, not living my dreams, with a very decent man but communication is poor & so then too the relationship. I feel I’m living alone at 66, soon 67/Jan,18, 1952 I want to paint as I’ve seldom had the time before. So many years…. I can’t get started but feeling it’s time. This reading touched on many areas I’ve been pondering. Trying to subdue them is causing depression. My Soul is not fit for that. I am with a group of photographers – a wonderful outlet & akin to painting. But, it is the painting I miss and all the years wasted. I ramble. My apologies. Just wanted to say I am grateful for this “reading”. Definitely a large step above the typical horoscope – which is not my habit of checking. I was on Amazon and feeling the need for direction and the moon is something I feel connected with. Being of Irish decent, I recall my dad making reference to the moon with planting, butchering, putting in fencing in a time quite long ago it seems, with all the current disconnect. With much gratitude. Heather

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