3 Responses to Full Moon in Leo – January 23rd / 24th – You’re A Star!

  1. Latanne

    Cheers Barbara,
    I so enjoy your videos. You are a delight and express yourself in a way that is full of life, and shows your appreciation for all the aspects of a person’s life. My natal moon is in Leo and so of course I do appreciate you highlighting the nature of this aspect. I often tried to suppress my need to feel appreciated by others and adored…..but with life experience I have learned that this aspect in it’s self does not equate to being a narcissistic bore. I grew up with a very narcissistic mother, and saw how unkind that could be and dominating. I am happy to see that Moon in LEO is more of playful relationship, and inclusive of others, rather than a hard rule over others.

    By the way, I do like your hair colour and cut. Happy New Year and God Bless.

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