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  1. Ann

    Thank you so much for the August 2018 forecast for Gemini. You are the best. I do have a question about interception in a chart and understand the basic of that feature. However, interceptions always confuse me. I I have read somewhere that you should consider standing in one house and looking through a doorway into the next house. For example, Venus will enter Libra Aug6/7 but the Libra is the 6th cusp at a high degree while that degree of Libra would still be in the 5th house. Would you use signs or houses? I am thinking I will find romance (Venus) or get a raise (Venus) in the workplace (6th house). What do you think about interceptions?

  2. Nina joffé

    Thank you Barbara!
    You re great
    I am a french astrologer since 1995 living in Paris
    And just want to share my appreciation of your authenticity, talent, courage and genuine generosity too in sharing your passion the way you do it! All my love

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