22 Responses to Gemini October 2015

  1. Terry Combs

    Hi, Barbara:

    I’m a Gemini, and I am very grateful for your forecasts. I watch them as soon as they’re available. You are very gracious and knowledgeable and have helped me interpret what might going in my life Thanks so much.

  2. Cheryl

    Barbara, i love your forecasts. I watch them over and over again. You are doing a great job. I even have my daughter (cancer) addicted to you. I am hoping to get in touch with you personally very soon. Love and light.

  3. Wende

    Hi Barbara,
    You truly are a gifted astrologer. I have gained knowledge and an open perspective from your videos. I especially enjoy the world and financial perspective. I have been watching you for years and often share your videos with friends and family. Thank you:) I’m a Gemini too?

  4. Susan Lemke

    Thanks for posting your videos in a timely fashion. I am a Gemini with a Libra rising. I will let the sun shine on me when i wake up and go to bed. Mercury is retrograde so I always feel misunderstood at this time. Keep up the good work. Should I read Cancer because my moon is in Cancer. I usually just read my sun and rising sign. Loved the eclipses especially the Lunar eclipse in Aries.

  5. Mary

    Hi Barbara, I’m a Gemini and look forward to your posts every month and so far, your outline for this month are spot on!
    By the way, I love your new look. I was so inspired by your decision to to ‘lighten up’ I have just had my own hair shortened, ready for summer!

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