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  1. Jessy

    Thank you so much for all of your messages, especially your videos, whether they are with or without the Pleiadians. Regardless of the exact content of your messages, what always comes through, in a clear and resounding manner, is your message of love and acceptance and the joy that these potentiate. One particular topic that I found extraordinary and rare indeed, was when you made the video in which you created toning sounds with the Pleadian’s. These tones were extremely effective, especially the love tones. Is there anyway that you might possibly produce these in some format that coud be accessed and used as the healing modality that they are or at least offer more of these tones in your video messages? In closing, I would say that I am sure that the pleadians picked you as a perfect channel because of your ability to clearly convey their messages, those especially of love and acceptance of all life. This healing, balancing and energizing energy is sorely needed in our world today, so, thank you so very much, for your precious work and of course, we love you too. Please, don’t ever stop!

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