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  1. Wanda

    Hi Barbara.
    I look forward to your information every time it appears in my inbox.
    My birthday was Aug 7 so you can imagine how powerful this month is for me. I decided in April to go back to work doing something different. In July I bought a license for my province to teach etiquette to ages 5-20 years. In Good Company Manitoba. It is part of Civility Experts Worldwide. It is a passion for me and allows me to use all of my adult skills but also discover my inner child who had too much responsibility from a young age. I am a bit scared of the new venture but I know I will be fine as it is calling me to do good things.
    Please keep your channelling with your astrology and don’t separate them. No need for a disconnect as it is your authenticity. Dont care what others say, think. Do what your higher self says. Big hugs to you!

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