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  1. Psychic Suzy

    Hi Barbara!
    Thanks for the March forecast:) all that I have planned you mentioned!! ! Isn’t it great to be in synch with the cosmic forces 🙂 thanks for the confirmation! Blessings

  2. Andrea DeLeo

    Thank you so much for this forecast, Barbara! It’s really got me thinking about my situation. I love the way you present yourself and I look forward to seeing the next video.

  3. Mandy Boss

    Hi Barbara
    I really think your new hair do looks great on you, makes you look younger, and what feels good for you, wont on other people, so many do become bombastic about how we all should look. Its a shame, im doing my own think, i also used to dye my hair, but ive gone grey and quite nicely too, so its two tone now, it doesnt look garish, and ive had so many compliment me, another frined of mine has done the same, so much easier to look after also. I love your readings, there quite spot on, but i must ask, when i did my birthchart and then progressive chart, both times i had nothing in my career house, so am not sure what that means, id like to teach, im getting that all organized, but its a slow process, ill be teaching the law of Attraction based on Abraham, i feel load of people can do with upliftment in the Universe at the present time. your reading for Leo last month was ill be coming into money, that would be so nice, as its been a rather ling struggle without the necessitys in life, so am looking forward to that happening, but then again you dont have time time that i was born, so it may not relate all to me…if you could reply just about that career house id most appreciate it, ty babrbara, and keep doing what your doing, im sure youll feel more comfortable xx

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      If there are no planets or transits in your career house, this does not mean that there is nothing going on in that area.
      I would look to the ruler of the house and see what aspects are currently going on there. I hope this helps. Warm wishes, Barbara

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