4 Responses to Leo New Moon | You are my sunshine

  1. Charlotte Guiraud

    Thank you Barbara, for sharing from your heart and inspiring me to tune in to the joyful and creative energy of leo !
    In friendship,

    Charlotte (from the south of France )

  2. Cindy Murphy xox

    What a wonderful, creative inspirational moment with the astrology thoughts, beautiful music and joyful art! So nice and definitely “uplifting!!!” Love from Colorado, USA.

    With kind regards,
    Cindy Murphy, Proud Leo Aug. 15th

  3. Nancy onderdonk

    Just found you, delightful, elf and wise woman. have sent each of my grown children a link to you. You are infectious, inviting me to go and paint outside today, play my Ike this evening and call a dear friend so that we can both laugh more. Check out Francis and the lights and chance the Rappers song, May I have this dance? Best nancy

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