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  1. Maureen Michele Lima

    Barbara , just Love that haircut on you!
    You look twenty years younger!!!
    Please if you may forward to me at above email address how I would have a personal reading done.
    I am also a Libra!
    Have a good day!

  2. Teneisha

    This was a beautiful message and it made my evening as you know us libras have had a rough path but I feel the change in energy Thank you Barbara ! Will be in touch with you soon

  3. Denese

    Thank you Barbara for the 2016 update I felt like you were speaking to me as I am considering making a career change, I have been feeling this for quite sometimes and thinking about what else I would enjoy doing. It is time for a change as my current work does not resonate nor do I feel passionate about doing it any more.

  4. Caroline

    Hello Barbara
    Thanks for the videos, I really look forward to them each month. Unfortunately, Libra’s December 2015 video seems not to be uploaded to the site, or at least isn’t easy to find. Could you check please? It doesn’t appear in the menu or on the first pages of videos of the other signs.

  5. Patricia

    Just wanted to ask you as a fellow Librian, I was born in on September the 28th, and find that the October born Libra’s seem to fair much better than the September libra’s thanks X

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