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  1. jennifer lusk

    Dear Barbara
    Thank you for your insight, messages and beautiful paintings. I have been listening to you now for only about 6 months. I was born in Brisbane Australia around 10:33-11:44am on the 12th December 1965 – pretty sure I am an Aries rising though…I am stuck..I am an artist and a writer but still doing rubbish jobs that I am unhappy in to pay the bills and studying a course for reasons I’m not sure why…money is tight but I have a wonderful husband and vision to improve the apartment we live in and my way of life. Im not sure why I am writing to you now – a couple of minutes away from the March LLibran equinox full moon…it’s probably because I feel lonely…and the piscean energy…I have met many people in my life but have few friends….not sure why…I have a a his(her)tory of women being mean to me and being bullied…but that’s not what I wished to say….just thank you and love from jen x

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