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  1. Cristobal Vignal

    Thank you, very much. My mother was an astrologer, a discreet one regarding her training (England I believe), and at one point in my teens I asked her to stop checking her Ephemerides overtime I had a challenge or trip or xxx coming. She was very good. It has been a long time since I have heard someone as synthetic, clear and so far, bang on. Thank you and bravo. Another good one coming up is my brother in law (living in Mexico), just passed his level 2 (again England I believe). I have only had the pleasure of a couple of long talks with him over the past years over my chart, and on each he has pointed to what did eventually happen (herniated disk and surgery, failing relationship and divorce). Interesting, you mention the 20th as important for Virgo (whom I am divorcing) and we have a meeting with our lawyer that day. You mention the 16th I think for Libra re relationships. I will pay attention and can only hope it means I will reconnect with the second of my twins, who has forgotten, for the moment, that it takes 2 to tango. In any case, THANK YOU!

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