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  1. Ryan

    I am a Pisces and I just found your videos today, I think you are very insightful to the point where you were actually able to draw a tear from me in one of your videos (not even designated towards my sign). I am actually doing some soul-searching at this point, and retrograde does have me a little hazy/not feeling myself[sort of a dark place], but your videos bring me new life, they were the only thing during this period to create a smile on my face. If there is something I want to come out of this post it’s to tell you that you are so wonderful and thank you for all that you do. The emotions you evoke in people are probably so powerful. I am so happy that you are doing what you love and are so good at it too. From one soul to another, much love, much warmth, much heart energy to you. Incredible woman you are. I wish you prosperity in every way.

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