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  1. meryl

    Looking at this website as a whole you have done a lot of work. I missed my calling astrologer. Never had an interest in going back. Your discussion has the tone of livestyles of the rich and famous. I was hoping to hear about a miracle that would befall me but instead I heard what I better get off my arse and do. Because according to what you have said the time is now. I have 7 reviews to write for my blog. And as I am not writing them a few more pages with additonal reviews I that I could ad have come up. And a project of publishing a tutorial I had a goal for Jan 1 and have not started as I lost track of the idea came to light in a discussion with someone who showed up whose interest was to show me some direction said to get it published and brought to the public was the most important thing I could do for a source of income sooner than later and set the stage for future success. It seems i better get to work. Thanks Barbara.

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