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  1. Pauline Bradley

    Thankyou, Barbara, always straight forward, clear and comprehensive. I’m feeling positive about January and all next year thanks to your videos. Happy Solstice, have a lovely Christmas or Winter holiday. Regards Pauline

  2. Shana'Shanti

    Thank-you yet again Barbara for those fabulous monthly readings. I find your freshness and generosity invaluable when constructing my life with my thoughts. English Women are just remarkable eh? As 29.04.1954, 1.37 a.m. Raetihi NZ I study both the Taurus and the Pisces readings and pay particular attention to those ideas mentioned in BOTH readings so am expecting to pick up a bit of off shore work through an old friend some time in January!! Good times!! Thanks Again. An’Anasha

  3. The dreamer

    Hello! It’ s my first time listening to your video. I enjoy your delivery tremendously . I’ve always dreamed of involving my self into either taro cards , hand reading or astrology even . Do you know any reputable agencies in kitchener Ontario Canada where I could get more information on the subject? Or on line ?

  4. Sandra park

    Hi there Barbara haha I have only just listened to and watched your January video..and as it is now 26th January I am smiling at how quite a lot of it is personally accurate. It would have been lovely for our house to have been sold during the mercury retrograde…will keep you posted when that does happen. Looking forwards to lustening to the year ahead video xx thank you Barbara xx
    to have gon

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