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  1. Sherri Mckeon

    I am a quadruple Pisces and i was born on the Pisces eclipse. So i was very closely watching what this was activating in my life now. I have a feeling of my life peaking. College degree, two houses paid for, 5th anniversary with my wonderful husband, all good stuff. But in a big way i feel i have been in a holding pattern like and airplane circling the airport, or like i am stuck between the incoming tide and the out going tide, and i can not figure out which way to go, so i am just meditating a lot and figuring out my bucket list for my wishes for the rest of my life, because i am 46 on this eclipse but i really feel like this birthday was the exact middle of my life and i now “feel” over-the-hill coasting down the other side of the mountain i have been climbing all my life. I mainly feel directionless, but i feel totally OK with having no direction for a time. It is very fluid like you said, and there are often blissful moments. I have also developed super sonic sense of smell. I can smell the pheromones of people, especially negative toxic people. But i can smell peoples moods in a way, and i can have allergic reaction to the bad ones-ha- and i light scented candles to drive the smell away. Thanks for you sunny outlook.

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