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    • Chris

      Thank you lots, Barbara for your uplifting and inspiring videos and channelled messages. They are if immense help to me and I’m sure many others in these times. I truly recognise and appreciate your courageous and generous work. May you be blessed, well and happy, xxx Chris

  1. Sandra Park

    Dear Barbara thank you for sharing your knowledge and channelling with us.
    On 21st August I was admitted to hospital by ambulance with suspected angina..shocking my dear family..I was transferred to the specialist cardiothoracic hospital again by blue lights flashing ambulance. I had open heart surgery..double bypass graft on 31st August and on 4th September returned to theatre for an operation to remind my heart how it should beat. I was discharged 6th September..exhausted..and have since discovered I have water in my lungs. During this time period I had to sign consult forms for every surgical procedure. Fully aware of mercury being retrograde but needs must. I thought you may find it interesting that after the open heart surgery I did need to have another procedure on my heart.
    Slowly recovering..very weak and tired but so thankful to be alive and putting my family’s mind at ease.
    I’m Pisces. Hahaha..always putting others first. And as you say on your September video it’s now time to sort out what I want.
    Bless you Barbara xx

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