4 Responses to Pleiadian Message for Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year

  1. allan sailor

    Hi Barbara, thank you for your messages, I am extremely greatful for them and they have resonated with me. Both, new moon in Aquarius and pleiadian messages! It’s funny I only found out about you today on a awakening from the matrix group on Facebook, pretty much led me to the a interview with the pleiadians and it all resonated with me! Thankful for what you do and who you are! Much love coming your way from geelong Australia! All the best! Xo

  2. Amber Hicks

    Hi Barbara
    I love love love your being. Your spirit is so beautiful and divine! Thank you for your passion, work and free spirit. You are an inspiration and I consider you a best friend. I hope to have you do a reading for me in the near future. Thank you for the messages from the Pleiades and sharing your lovely paintings. Your friend Amber

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