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  1. Linda

    Dearest Barbara,
    Ive stumbled over your you tube channel tonight ,and totally love it …
    I’ve just listen to the Pleiadian message for 2020 ..
    And then from 2018 New moon in Libra ..as im a Libra.
    I’m totally in awe watching and listening to them and you of course
    I think they are wonderful and have such a great sense of humor along with their love and care for our Mother Earth ..I lv them..and we haven’t even been introduced ..yet !
    Barbara , I will contact you definitely for a reading and a report as i truly believe you and some other gifted and chosen ones ,are here to help deliver and guide us and help us understand that WE must start to CARE for one another and our Planet ..Mother Earth ..
    I hope and Pray many others stumble across you and the paladins
    Messages …I am very grateful to you both 😘

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