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  1. Karen Kestrel

    Dearest Barbara,
    I discovered you on Youtube this lifetime ( not sure where ‘theis lifetime’ came from, but its correct). And today I heard you .com address and found you , You, your voice and your wisdom and knowledge. I am in gratitude for the Truth you speak and share and contine , tirelessly, to impart and to ‘educate’ – your words today are more than inspiring, they are words that I Know I am meant to hear to encourage me on my gigantic, galactic path. Adventure for sure and thank you for saying ‘find the funny side’ in the Sagitarius forecast – genius as I so get that on all levels! Thank you for all you you do, all you are and all you have still yet to bring. You are a Cosmic Tail blazer and i thank you for clearing and lighting the path for others. Big hug, bright wishes Kx

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