8 Responses to Sagittarius July 2016

  1. John Goddard

    There is no doubt at all in my mind per se
    Barbara Goldsmith is An Amazing Beautiful Human Being And A great Synthesiser of the Astro

    Love You Barbara

    Upwards and Onwards

  2. Tah`nee

    I so appreciate, your refined nuanced discernment of how the aspects may give energy to specific areas of our lives.
    Thank you!
    FYI: you might consider “topical magnesium oil” spray. Wonderful delivery method to get that very much needed mineral directly inside the cells. Will be a great benefit to your tendons AK Achilles heels. Very difficult to replenish magnesium by diet or oral supplementation. I think you will enjoy it very much; and within 20 minutes after application! Can be used daily.
    God bless.

  3. Lynella

    Amazing human being with such talent and insight. Love your work and connecting with you each month which I most happily referred to friends. Love and light Lynella

  4. LLinda

    I I love the way you express yourself with your body – the way you move your hands, arms , shoulders and head . With no sound on you look like you are dancing with energy . Thank you for sharing and sending it out to all of us.

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