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  1. Barbara Tetrault

    Hi Barb,
    I have really enjoyed watching your monthly forecast you really give a very clear message of what to expect each month.
    I am a sagittarian and experiencing difficulty with a neighbor in the senior housing I live in.
    This neighbor is a Pisces and very angry and hostile torwards me she threatened to slap my face two times already and I had to call the police to get her out of my apt.
    Because she pushed on my door preventing me from closing it.
    Do you feel I should move or is this woman going into nursing home for some kinda mental illness ?
    I am in late sixties now and have never dealt with this before in my life ,feel like I have to leave here but so hard to find affordable housing elsewhere.
    Appreciate your insight if you can answer some of my concerns and tell me how much this would cost.

  2. Linda

    Thank you Barbara I so enjoy your monthly posts. I love the channelings you bring through in your paintings and oh boy what a wonderful change has occured for you on an energic level because of this.

  3. Renée

    Spot on! Ready for a big change career wise. Am researching options and avenues now. Big personal changes and global changes occuring. Thank you for the monthly forecasts. They are a bright slice of light in massively uncertain times. Cheers from the USA!

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