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  1. Shelley

    THANK YOU for so much to look forward to! I’m desperate to leave this job/house/city and begin anew. You give me hope and confidence that my plans, goals, and dreams will come to fruition. BRING ON THE ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS! 🙂

  2. alexandria

    so glad 2 hear of ur resolution with ur past relationship that ended so abruptly, comforting 2 know u r @ peace with that. in the 1 hour reading u have written “in depth” while the 45 minute just says 45 minute reading….is the 45 minute one also in depth ? i’ve got a lot going on with sag sun and pluto @ 13 cap and my ascendant is 17 cap….whadda u think ? thanx, alexandria

  3. MEYA Ghorayeb

    Hello Barbara
    Many thanks for you ,the way to unfolding those secrets in The Chart are most comprehensive from you in your cool ,calm and careful way even when we are not understanding well the language but you make it so much easier.
    Many thanks to you , sending our best regards from Kuwait to you in person.
    Faithfully yours

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