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  1. Ginny

    As a follow up to comment on July comment, this months forecast bring me a lot of hope for my future. I have started selling items from my home, so that fits in well! Thanks again Barbara. You are a jewel!

    • Maureen

      Thank you for a really helpful forecast! Ive been sick since Christmas Day 2019 and just had an operation on a tooth/bone/gum to fix it. It has been a mystery as it started out with headaches! Ive been on antibiotics and painkillers for 6 months and now I’m pain free and looking forward to MY new normal. They couldn’t operate because of CVD 19! I have been tracking it all in my chart and Chiron in Aries through my 6th house where Aries also is! It has been fascinating but so glad it is now enabling me to get busy getting fitter. I’m only 69!! Your forecasting, especially the old chart (yay! ) enables me to better see where it’s all going on !! THANK YOU SO MUCH “B”, love you to bits. Peace, blessings and hugs. Maureen
      p.s. don’t you worry, we got those trolls sorted…I reported one! Grrrr! Karma darling, Karma!! XXXXXXXX

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