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  1. Julia

    Hello, about half way into the Scorpio August forecast video, you mention several times “you, Libra….”, “you are an air sign, Libra…”, as if the forecast is not for Scorpio, but for Libra. Is that an error or did somehow the Libra and Scorpio videos get mixed up? Perhaps you can listen to it and get it fixed as needed. Thanks for the videos and for posting them early. Much appreciated!

  2. Elizabeth

    listening for my son , the scorpio. What a useful practical message for him, Ill be so happy to pass it on to him. Thank you for the skill level you offer us all. I also appreciate your genuine enthusiasm. E.

  3. Sharon

    Thank you barbara. This reading resonates very strongly with me currently. Thank you so much for your insight And for sharing, i appreciate your guidance.


    • Regina

      Thanks for the early August forecast for us Scorpios. This information is spot on. Looking forward to some positive changes. Your guidance is very much appreciated Barbara! Best to you always

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