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  1. Maureen Rhys-Jones

    Dear Barbara,
    many, many thanks for your forecasts. The effort you put into them is uplifting and inspiring. I wish I had some of that sort of energy! I feel all played out!! My new years resolution is to make time to have a reading with you!! I’m a Scorpio, Libra rising and Leo moon. I hope the new year has some good news!!! Hope to talk to you soon but thank you so very much for your wonderful site. I love it so much, it brings me much comfort!!

  2. Sheila Frank

    Thanks Barbara soooo much, All the things mentioned in your analysis accurately describe what is happening to me now. BIG money is coming in to buy out what we thought was our lifetime condo home and force us to move. I will now wait for the mercury retro to pass before I sign away my property. Cancer moon conjunct Jupiter in my Cancer fourth house makes this very stressful for me. Have a happy New Year, Holiday season and Namaste.

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