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  1. jess

    Novice question here… How do I integrate my rising sign horoscope with my sun sign horoscope? Obviously rising sign matches my chart, so is that more accurate? Or is it somehow combining the two horoscopes. I am just not getting that part.

  2. Tracy Ann

    So glad you feel the connection Barbara because I have always felt it. You have been a guiding light for me for such a long time now and your readings are always so bang on. The career predictions were so accurate – and I wasn’t even trying ! Thank you so much for staying the course through thick and thin. <3 <3 <3 Tracy Ann XXXXX

  3. Kelli Sebastian

    Dear Barbara,

    Your forecasts are intriguing, and your approach is admirably authentic & engaging.

    Best wishes for your continued success! I am sure that you are helping more people than you could ever count.


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