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  1. julie

    Sorry to hear that life is ROCKING your world. You are such a blessing in my life. I hope all these changes are leading you to new level of living large. You have a special gift that you so generously share with the world. I am holding the space for you…to come out of all of this change…better, braver, bolder:-) Keep believing…Cheers, Julie

  2. Raewyn

    Hi Barbara, l was worried that things might not be too good , l hope it sorts out for you . l l look forward to your monthly forecasts , etc. and hope you continue to keeps us updated . l was one of your students from Christchurch. Stay Positive.


    Thinking of you with love and concern. Have asked DIVINE MOTHER to guide
    And protect you. I can really relate to surprise and shock. I am now in full
    Surrender mode. My mind can not deal with anything less. I think this is progress
    But some days are easier than others and it seems a minute to minute endeavor.
    Nurture yourself. I KNOW I speak for the many of this community that count you
    As friend and trusted advisor. XXX/OOO’s and NAMASTE. Jackie

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