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  1. Jo

    Thank you, Barbara, for your astrological readings. It is such a pleasure to hear your positive and encouraging take on the monthly transits. In addition, you post your videos well ahead of the time allowing for our preparation for the coming month.
    I hope your brave “continental adventure” is going splendidly.

  2. Zulie

    Hi Barbara
    Regards that glorious trine between Uranus and Jupiter in our career/work House …..
    What could it mean for a scorpio like me who is just a housewife … well a Professional Housewife hehehe! Is the universe going to send me a Guardian Angel to take care of my housework? Let’s forget about the housework … I can cope and maybe it’s asking for too much. I would rather have some extra money in my pocket. So now that Jupiter and Uranus will be in harmony with each other could some extra money come in? I believe Jupiter is scorpio’s Money Planet and with a good beam from Uranus is it possible? You say we have to be proactive in our lives so what must I do those last 10 days of Sept to make the Money rain on my parade? Should I go gamble? LoL?

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