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  1. Sharon

    Such a wonderful forecast for us Taurus people! Also, best wishes on the new avenue opening up for you on your journey Barbara. Sounds like a very beautiful and exciting time for you.

  2. Sofia

    What a lovely forecast! Love your interpretations and your channel, only just discovered it! Definitely going to be one of my regular resources for Astro knowledge. Thank you!

  3. Maria Megens

    Fantastic Reading and forcast for the taurus sign. I appreciatie your Wonderful readings and work you do in the astrological world. I wish you all the success in your career. Lors of love Maria Megens .

  4. Rosemary

    Thank you, Barbara, for your reading. It brings me hope. I lost most of my sight a yar ago March as a result of having contracted Lyme Tick Disease, which slowly degrades one’s neuromuscular functions, causes incurable auto-immune-type diseases, and generally debilitates the sufferer quickly or slowly, depending on their general health and other factors. I’ve had the disease for eight years now, I lost my job, was denied unemployment insurance and disability because my country (Canada) does not yet recognize the legitimacy of the disease, nor is there any federal medical procedure or protocol or urgent research and development to find something to slow down the progress of the disease since there is no known cure, no matter that there are over 100,000 of us stricken with it, to varying degrees. My savings have nearly run out, and I hope i find something I can do gainfully, keeping in mind that I suffer extreme fatigue as one of my specific symptoms…but at this point, I’ll do almost anything in order to feed myself, and keep a roof over my, and my dogs’, heads. Pray for me and wish me luck, as i do for you on your unique path. Cheers! Rosemary

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      Dear Rosemary, I am so very sorry to hear about what has been happening with you. I am sending you healing energies, positive thoughts and much love. I hope that you are able to find something / someone to help you to be free of this disease. Much love

  5. May

    Your forecast was very accurate about relationship and money.
    At the end of this month I will get bonus. And thank you for reminding about not to buy new mechanical products.
    Please keep on producing good inspired video for us. Thank you. I am very appreciated.

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