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  1. Michael Higgins Jr.


    My name is Michael Higgins Jr. I have been waiting to share this with you.

    Thank you for all your insights and efforts to helping humanity be what it can. You are a light, and a wellspring of encouragement.

    Personally I would like to thank as well for your soundness of mind, and your direct speech. You make your point and you guide as well as lead. Being a Taurus Fire Dragon I really admire that in you.

    You help make Earth the place it was meant to be.
    A place of love, joy, and learning. I wish I had better words to describe it however, I am sure you can sense what I am getting at.

    I am a chef and would like to know your tastes so I may suggest something to your tastes. I can cook food from about ten countries and love creating newer things as well as respecting the classics.
    I’d be honored to give to you as you give to all peoples.

    May this new year be great for you. You are a beautiful soul, person, and being. Truly you are Barbara. (I love your new hairstyle as well) May you enjoy your blessings to the full. My email address is below. If you want I can send pictures of my food.

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      Dear Michael,
      Thank you so very much for your beautiful comments and feedback about my work.
      You touched my heart and I am so very grateful to you for bringing light
      and joy to my day.
      I appreciate you and send you love and light and joy always.

  2. Beth McLeod

    My dear Barbara,

    Thank you for an excellent forecast for March. I love to listen to you, and I always take to heart your advice and suggestions and look for ways to apply them to my life. You are a shining star, in my humble opinion, and I am so grateful that I was led to find you. You have had my rapt attention for over a year now.

    I look forward to your new series of videos on the basics of astrology. I can never get enough of it! : )

    I also want to tell you again how adorable I think you look with your new short and bright haircut! I hope that it makes you happy EVERY DAY when you look in the mirror.

    Hugs, joy & light,
    from your friend,

  3. Åsa jakobsson

    Dear Barbara!
    Thank you so much for your forecast for March.
    You are so inspiring and truly helpful to me. Thank you beautiful Barbara, thank you!
    Lots of Love and all the best wishes for you ?✨
    from Åsa in Sweden

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