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  1. Sharon McMonagle

    Ty for all your videos, they are the most real.
    Tomorrow is my 61st birthday & you said on my May horoscope that Uranus will be coming into my sign on May 16th for the next 7 yrs. I know our life takes on major changes every 7 yrs & you said there will be many good changes for me & I will have a whole new perspective.
    I have painfully suffered most of my life with loving myself & feeling good enough. I have overcome many adversities & not to gracefully but I have survived them & always try to learn from them. I have felt stuck in limbo for many years, making the same mistakes over & over again because I haven’t learned from them & have fear of never learning from them & be forever stuck.
    I have not been able to move forward because of this.
    Hopefully with Uranus in my sun sign for 7 yrs I will finally move forward!! I have almost lost hope of ever changing & will be stuck in this pain until I die. Ty for giving me a little hope. I pray for strength & courage to get to the core issues that keep me stuck & move forward.
    Sincerely Sharon 🦋

  2. Julie Rogers

    Hi Barbara thank you for your amazing insights on astrology I am a Taurus Sun Taurus Moon and Taurus Rising sign so fixed so I look forward to having Uranus push me out a little of my comfort zone and yes I would love to learn more about astrology but there is so much to this amazing modality. I am looking forward to hopefully did deep in my spiritual practice to find what else would be good for me. So much to look forward to once again thank you Barbara for sharing your wonderful gift of explaining Astrology in the way for me to understand and embrace the opportunities that you have given insights too. Love and Blessings from an earthly Taurus. 🙂

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