9 Responses to Virgo August Horoscope 2015

  1. Gabi Aleman

    I greatly enjoy your forecast. It’s very detailed and educational – things many virgo’s like me love and appreciate. Again, many thanks for posting the forecast super early. Nobody else does it like you.

  2. Vickiy

    Awesome! The forcast fits me to a T! I have Sun Mercury Venus (0degree retrograde) and Pluto in Virgo. Presently i am having 3 mobile homes remodeled and they should be ready to rent by late August. Its been a long process with many set backs. Your forcast reknews my hope they will be completed finally. I’m looking foreword to that extra income! Thank you so much! I will look for more wonderful work from you!

  3. R.C

    You are so wonderful Barbara! Thank you for your videos and website because it is very positive and uplifting. You give good example to all of us on how to give abundantly to others with your best efforts and best intentions to help other people. God bless you

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