6 Responses to Virgo February 2016

  1. Baukje Meijer-Kuiken

    You are very good. I listen to your video every month. For me you talk very
    clearly. À lot of astrologers I can’t understand. Kelley Rosano and Terence
    Guardino do too. I have studied astrology for 14 years now. Just hobby , only
    to get to know myself better. I’m 71 years now and à virgo.
    Greetings from Baukje Meijer. The Netherlands.

  2. Tanya Owen

    Not to worry about likes and dislikes. Often people who like the videos, read different ones but fail to register their approval, even though they might like them all. People who dont approve will more likely make the effort to show dissapproval. I never fail to watch your videos, you can only be the person you are…let the rest go hang. You seem very knowledgeable on astrology.

  3. Cat Payen

    Hi Barbara, tis I Cat here 🙂
    You give out so much value thank you.
    I cry every time you mention letting the light shine on virgos (me)
    is there something I can possibly do?

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