5 Responses to Virgo Full Moon, February 22nd, What truly matters?

  1. Saurabh

    Barbara… I do not have words to thank you for being there. I am not sure about what others feel, but I believe that your videos, the way you communicate your messages in them, your enthusiasm, your love for the audience, the kind of virtual connect that you make with everyone of us through your videos, and not the least… your knowledge and ease that get reflected in those video, you have given astrology a new dimension.

    I have been trying my hands into understanding astrology to certain extent (as a passive hobby), though I am still naive and immature in it, but honestly I have been able to see astrology the way you project. It’s amazing…!

    One stupid question, even though I am not a Virgo sign (mine is Capricorn), will this full moon still have an effect on me? Feeling little-bit confused.

    With lots of love,

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