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  1. Georgeanna Bell

    Hi Barbra.🌻 I have been following you on and off for about 2 years,,,I have spent the last 7 years healing from many things…I have encountered several unusual things,,which lead me to you two years ago,,for some reason I cannot subscribe to any channels on utube,,which is fine,,I told by my guide Ada it was not important,just to absorb the messages,so I do…this past January, I know I had contact with a ship,,which hung out in my back tree for at least a month,,I’m still trying to get this whole empath,,healer mission in my life…I would love to learn about everything…I have had my life a big challenge,,,,so much of being lost,,lol,,I’m still kinda lost.😳,,,,I had one significant dream that plays a deep role for me,,(it is of a little girl with golden blonde hair,,she stands about 3feet tall facing a set of golden thrones,a man and a woman sit in those tnrones,,surrounding them is this golden lighting very brite,,,they are telling this little girl to do something,)..I know that little girl is me,,,but I am unaware of what they are telling me to do….I know I have a great purpose, I attract many only to help them,,after I help them,,I get pushed to the side,,I know I am an EMPATH,,,,a healer,,because I brighten a room when I walk into it,or I change moods of people,,my clairvoyant is very strong,,,I have had bad luck most of my life,,lost trust in humans,,but still reach out with love,,,,due to many abusive jobs,,,,I have not worked in over a year…I have done my own healing,,by talking with source and using the tools he sends in my path..my dream has always been to help others heal from trauma with out medicine or putting a name on their illness..I have walked a very hard and lonely life,yet I know I have a spiritual team that walks with me….I feel them,talk with them,heal with them,,my life is only me,,,my two 4legged best friends and my sons.

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