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Aquarius Full Moon is a Super Moon

On August 10th, we have a Super Full Moon in Aquarius at 18 degrees. It’s extra powerful because it is so close to the earth.  Aquarius is an interesting sign because it has two very different rulers: Uranus and Saturn.      Uranus looks to the future, comes up with new and off-the-wall ideas, and above all needs freedom. It’s impulsive and avant-garde.   Saturn, learns from the past, wants to structure the new ideas and make them real, which can feel limiting and constrictive. It’s careful and conservative.    During this Full Moon in Aquarius, think about where the balance between these two energies lies in your life. Are you too cautious and always playing it safe?  Are you too →

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Jupiter Changes Sign and Full Moon in Capricorn

This is an exciting month with Jupiter, planet of good fortune changing sign on July 17th, and a Full Moon in Capricorn at 20 degrees on July 12th.  This Full Moon in Capricorn is practical and productive. It’s a great time to get your life organized.     Good things to do: Look at how you manage your TIME. Work smarter and not harder. Examine your finances and look out for bargains. Take responsibility for everything: your health, work, relationships. Declutter – get rid of anything you no longer need or use. Make survival preparations e.g. store canned and dried goods, water, first-aid kit, electricity back-up, copies of important documents. Decide to do ONE thing at a time and complete →

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