8 Responses to David Bowie Astrology – The Man Who Fell to Earth

  1. Betty

    Thank You Barbara,
    For allowing us to not only see,
    but hear, about David Bowie and how he lived his Charted course of his Life,
    Through Astrology, (what it can do for as as well), if we choose to do so…
    I simply wish to mention, the song of David’s “Tonight”,
    as David sings “Everything is going to be Alright”….
    That our struggles of this life, is only a “fleeting Moment”
    and we have graduated, to the Other side, in a Blink of God’s eye…

  2. Jude V.

    This is fabulous and so intriguing! Thank you so very much for taking the time to decipher his chart and help us look at it as a teaching tool. It is interesting that so many astrologers have taken a look. I think his passing has really focused a lot of energy on how astrology works. He truely was the star man!

  3. Stephan

    Thanks Barbara! You are so talented and I love your analysis of David Bowie’s birth ,chart. I miss David. I was at his concert in Gothenburg / Sweden June 11, 1983. The day before the concert, I met him when he was out walking on the avenue with his China girl. He was delighted and looked so happy. He had incredible power and charisma, the whole city vibrated when he was visiting our little town.

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