8 Responses to Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Do You Love Me?

  1. Chrystle

    Barbara, your beautiful just the way you are. Besides, conscious of it or not, we all are
    beautiful spirit beings inside this temporary carnal suit! And what a huge relief we will all feel to ditch the suit to be free of judgment, guilt, unworthiness & fear. My fav. aunt
    passed away, and she is flying free! I do feel the shift as well, to take make sure to nurture my independence again. Us Virgos asc. we have Uranus in Aries to awaken that power for sure! Yup, started my own business too! Go for it Barbara! Your supers sweet! Whatever you do is wonderful to me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Matthew.

    You are an amazing talented gift of energy and I thank the universe for your existence in this timespace. Thank you for your authentic self from mine.
    You have great natural projection on camera.
    Los Angeles.

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