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  1. Betty

    Hello There Barbara!,
    Please by all means, if that Live Video is what your desire is to do,
    You will not know what your Cable of doing unless you do it, So what are You waiting For, You have the Power, with You…”To Do It”!
    Well, Then Do It, Nothing stands in your way, but YOU…(Our-self’s).
    P.s. who cares what others think, We all have heard the simple minded Na-sayers.
    Let them believe what they want, and besides who cares…
    You Just Be YOU, Is All You Have to Know!, and The rest will take care of Its Self.
    It’s Going to Be Wonderful, Barbara Hey You may even Surprise your Self of how many more Doors you Open.
    Let them talk, talk is cheap,..or kick them off your Web page!
    You My Dear Child, Do Not need them, get in your Head and go about Your Business of what You Do “BEST”! for Your and the People whom LOVE You!
    We need More people Like You, Whom share the LOve of Astrology, How it effects us
    and the TRUE Understanding of Our-Self’s and Our Life’s…
    Barbara! YOU GO GIRL,
    I can NOT wait to see Your Presentation!!!! Bring it On!
    Thank You For the Years Of Understandings, I never knew,…Until You Came along, to set many of Us Straight on Astrology, and it’s effect upon Us All and the World,
    and The Universe!
    Barbara, YOU HAVE MY BLESSINGS !!!!
    Much Love & Gratitude Always,

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