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  1. Nadya

    Thank you very much for your inspiring forecast for Virgo February, dear Barbara!
    So patience endured and still waiting starting a new international project. Since the work is my life. I do not know how to ask you for what is happening to me, because I can not explain it to myself. It is not logical to be dedicated all my life to family and to feel ignored and belittled. Unless I am missing something..?
    Anya way, It is my pleasure to follow your forecast.
    Sincerely, Nadya, date of birth 27 August 1960

  2. DIXIE

    You and the stars weren’t kidding……everything is going 5 times faster than usual. This includes having to spend money. It got so bad I just had to laugh. I’m 100% over budget but I suppose the rest of year will be easy. I mean even my subscriptions came due. (my stock went up, too). I am working on my taxes so I can ship them off to my CPA when the last documents are available. You are making me into a believer….THANXX

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