Aquarius New Moon - My Surprise

Aquarius bring surprises, often BIG surprises.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had nothing but surprises lately.

Here’s one that might make you chuckle:
One evening I was lying in bed quietly reading when I felt something crawling on my arm and something else up my thigh. I pulled the bedsheets back quickly but saw nothing. A few minutes later, another sensation of crawling down my leg and at the back of my neck.
Still nothing to see. Then out of the corner of my eye I could see a whole army of ants marching across my sheets and into my bed! Yikes! I threw everything off me and jumped up only to find ants crawling around the bed, under the bed, in the mattress……….ugh!

First I tried a couple of natural remedies: soap, lemon and vinegar, baby powder, to no avail.
I needed to get some professional exterminators out.

My landlord has been so good to me and I really didn’t want to disturb him so I decided to find an exterminating company myself.

I went through the Greek Yellow Pages and found a number that looked promising. After speaking with Takis, he said they would be out to me within a half hour. I was delighted with myself thinking I had solved the problem so easily.

A half hour later, two men arrived at the house. One with a notepad and pen in his hand and another carrying an extremely heavy piece of machinery which he was attempting to bring into the house.
He kept asking me urgently: Pote to provlema?  Where is the problem?
I was a bit flummoxed because I didn’t think an infestation of ants was such an urgent issue, but I said to him that it was outside my bedroom where the ants are coming in.
He kept asking me, nothing inside the house? No, I said the ants are coming into the house from the garden outside.
Then he said to me, where is your bathroom?

I showed him and he checked out the washbasin. The water wasn’t going down very quickly and he said:
aha, edo inai to provlema!

I thought it was amazing that someone who was here to kill the ants was checking out my bathroom. I was a bit surprised about it, but since there had been a colony of ants in there when I first moved in, I thought that as a professional, maybe he knew something I didn’t as to how they might be getting in.

He removed the hose underneath the sink and showed me that it had snapped and would need to be replaced.
He kept saying, yes, that’s your problem!

At this point I still couldn’t understand what was going to happen with the ants.

Eventually, in desperation, because they spoke hardly any English, I had to call my lovely landlord.

Spyros, always wonderful spoke to these men and he couldn’t really understand what was happening. I told him about the ants and he was confused about the hose from the sink.

Finally, I realised that I hadn’t called out an exterminating company at all.
I had called out a drain cleaning company!!
They came out thinking it was an emergency and thought my drains were blocked!

I laughed about it for hours thinking about how the New Moon in Aquarius AND Mercury retrograde had brought the unexpected. I called out an exterminator who happened to be a drain cleaner who found a problem I didn’t know I had!!

So it all turned out well in the end with these guys coming back the next day replacing the hose and spraying the ants.

What unexpected event might happen in your life??
How can you see a situation from a completely new perspective??
What can you do differently?
It’s a zero degrees giving you a blank slate to create something completely new!
It’s a unique opportunity to make a fresh start, to clear the deck and to bring excitement and inspiration into your life.

13 Responses to Aquarius New Moon – My Surprise

  1. Poppy

    That was a really enjoyable article Barbara – as always! It’s so good to have a heads up with retrogrades but you just have to roll with it – as we did last week when my washing machine broke down – I went to the appliance site I always used and found out I had quite a bit of credit that had accumulated as a regular customer – so much in fact it paid for a brand new washing machine that was bigger than my old one, with some credit left over – all I had to pay was connection and delivery fees. Then as the delivery folk were trying to call to let me know a time, my phone just went dead. As I went upstairs to borrow my son’s mobile, a noticed a cupboard open, went to shut it and remembered I had another hand set in a box of things I was gong to give away! Calls made, machine delivered and installed, – every body happy…! All the very best with your endeavours in England Barbara! Poppy, Adelaide, Asutralia.

  2. sandra

    Hi Barbara, wonderful news re your moving to the UK..whereabouts are you going to be based? Happy moving and happy days ahead for you xx Lotsa starlit nights, Sandra xx

  3. Patti Topp

    Congrats on your move to my home country – the Brits will welcome you
    with open arms I am here in San Francisco – emigrated 50+ years ago
    but get home to Oxshott yearly to see my family.
    Thank you for all your fabulous astrology….I have been one of your
    many fans for several years, and look forward to your emails and readings
    for Taurus with Virgo rising.
    Yes, its going to be an exciting year of changes and new beginnings
    Heres sending you hugs, prayers and abundance in your new home this
    new year.

    Hugs and smiles across the miles.


  4. Pamela

    Hi Barbara!
    Always love to hear your stories, although it must be frustrating for you with one thing after another.
    I don’t know if you’ve read ‘A Year in Provence’ or ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, your stories always remind me of those books!
    Best of luck to you in jolly old England. :)))

    • ZZulie R

      I was on a cruise the week of the Mercury retrograde and upon return we could not enter the harbor because of wind etc. The ship did a few frustrating attempts to enter with no success. Then the Captain announced that for our safety we would stay another extra day out at sea and enter the harbour early next morning. Now that extra day was a wonderful surprise because we got an extra free day of lovely food, shows and entertainment. Thank you Mercury retrograde!

  5. sarah

    Wishing the best in your move and cant wait to hear about it total get the ant story and a lot of strange things have been going on for me as well Virgo with Aquarius rising
    its always interesting well now you have no ants and clean drains bet your landlord is going to miss you Safe move

  6. Angela Maio

    Hi Barbara,
    I enjoyed listening to your video on Aquarius New Moon. I would like to know how I can order a report from you for the year 2015. My birthday is January 25.

    Thank you

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