March Astrology

On March 16th, we have the final 7th exact square between Uranus and Pluto. Many of you will be breathing a huge sigh of relief now that this difficult aspect is beginning to recede. Don’t drop your guard completely as it will still be in effect for up to another three years, but its impact is  waning.

What have you learned? Uranus wants you to wake up and to claim your individuality. No one in this world is like you. Your astrology chart shows your unique fingerprint, your gifts, talents, challenges and opportunities. Wherever this Pluto Uranus square falls in your chart, shows the life areas where you need to break out, be willing to change and to reinvent yourself.


For me, as a Cardinal Sign, it’s been hitting my relationships, I’ve moved country four times, and I’ve had a few health wobbles thrown into the mix.

The biggest shock came just a few weeks ago when a 20 year old deep relationship came to a sudden end.  









Did someone ever finish with you by email or by text?

After cringing about hearing it happen to so many other people, that’s exactly what happened to me.  


Someone with whom I had a 20 year relationship, without warning, sent me an email ending our connection.


After spending a week reeling in shock, I decided to sit down and analyze what happened to see if there were any gems of wisdom I could glean from it.


This is a relationship that I had put my heart and my soul into. This is someone for whom I would have laid my life down. This is someone that I had always held in the highest esteem and I wanted only the best for. I never anticipated that there could be anything at all we couldn’t discuss and get through. How wrong I was.  


Looking back on the relationship, I’m trying to see whether there are any lessons can be learned from this painful experience. Two come to mind immediately:


This is a person who, over the years, I had seen cut other relationships dead. Even their very best friend of many decades was cut dead. So I had seen this behaviour, but I chose to ignore it and to trust (in my ignorance and illusion), that it would never happen to me. We even had the discussion several times and I was assured that we would always stay loving and connected this lifetime. 

I also made the egregious mistake of mixing business and personal. If you have a business relationship with someone, generally, it is best to keep it that way and not

to introduce a personal element into the relationship. The minute you do that, you make yourself vulnerable to different expectations that may be used against you in the future. It takes longer to heal because although the personal side of the relationship may be over, you may still have to deal with the business side which can go on for months or even years and every time you have contact with that person, the old wounds open up again.

Two huge lessons. 

If someone gossips about other people, you can be sure that eventually they will gossip about you. If you see vengeful behaviour in a person, make no mistake that that behaviour might be directed at you one day. If someone has been repeatedly unfaithful in the past, don’t delude yourself into thinking that they will be forever loyal to you. 


Now that a little time has elapsed, I am able to look back on the relationship and I am extremely grateful for the many wonderful times that we had and for the love that we shared. I gained so much and I learned a great deal.


What could I have done differently?

I truly don’t know. I have asked myself that question so many times and whilst I know I’m certainly not perfect, I do think I deserved the courtesy of a phone call rather than an email.   


But sometimes in life, there are no warnings. Sometimes there are no signs, or if there are, we choose not to see them.

But I can truly say, that with this relationship,  I gave it my all so there are no regrets.  



The eclipse season is upon us. On March 20th there is a Super New Moon Solar Eclipse at the last degree of Pisces.  


It’s a time of tying up loose ends, allowing old things to pass away so that you can start fresh. Just 13 hours later, the Sun goes into Aries and the Spring Equinox begins (autumn in the southern hemisphere). This energy helps you to make changes and to move forward with anything that has been stuck for a while.    


Sometimes our greatest upheavals are our greatest gifts. I am determined to turn these various challenges into opportunities. Over the weeks and months ahead, I’ll keep sharing my insights and personal experiences with you.   



Now that I am in the UK, I am really looking forward to meeting many of you in person at my forthcoming astrology seminars and workshops.



Thanking you all for your care and your concern, 

I appreciate each and every one of you,  


With love from ‘Good Olde England’,



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  1. Julie

    Thank you for sharing a big part if you life with us, my life change nearly 3years ago with the loss of my husband, my new journey is just beginning and with the help of astrology I hopefully can go forward thankyou xx

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