Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Do You Love Me?

On March 23rd, we have a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees 17 minutes Libra. With the Sun opposite the Moon, this is an important time to look at your relationships. Libra is the sign of marriage, partnerships and relationships in general. With several planets in Aries, this Lunar Eclipse encourages you to look at the relationship you have with yourself.  ‘You’ve got to love yourself first. You’ve got to be okay on your own before you can be okay with somebody else.’ – Jennifer Lopez  Many of you have commented about my new hairdo, most in a positive way. However, one person said that it made me ‘look like an old lesbian.’ This shows me that I →

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Aquarius New Moon February 8th 2016 – Reinvent Yourself

    Whenever I think of Aquarius, I think of someone who is different, who doesn’t follow the crowd and who doesn’t mind saying what they think – popular or not. Aquarius is all about the unfamiliar, the unpredictable, the unknown. The New Moon is always an opportunity for a new beginning, but for something to be truly new, it has to be unexpected. We get bored with the status quo and yet we fear change. How about making a conscious effort to observe where you feel stuck and proactively encourage yourself to make changes? This is the challenge of the New Moon in Aquarius.    David Bowie, who had Aquarius rising said: ‘If you feel safe in the area →

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New Moon, New Year, New Beginnings

  Happy New Year! With the Capricorn New Moon on January 9th, this is the perfect time to set new intentions for your year ahead.  Have you been rushing around, trying to accomplish too many things and finding you are spinning your wheels? Have you felt lethargic and unable to focus on anything? As Capricorn rules time, this New Moon gives you a great opportunity to reassess how you use your time and energy.   With Mercury retrograde during most of January, don’t be surprised if people you haven’t been in touch with for a long time reappear. I had been estranged from a couple of very dear family members just before I went to New Zealand almost a decade →

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Jupiter into Virgo – Change of Fortune

Jupiter, planet of good fortune, wealth and abundance changes signs once a year. It goes into Virgo on August 11th 2015 and will stay there until September 9th 2016. If you have Sun, Moon, Ascendant or any planets in Virgo, Jupiter will offer you new opportunities for growth, expansion and change. Even if you don’t have any planets in Virgo, look for the house or houses that Virgo occupies in your chart and this will show you the life area that will be affected by Jupiter’s transit into Virgo.   Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches. When it changes sign, it favours all the industries and businesses associated with that sign. For those of you in any of the fields below, →

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Cancer New Moon, July 15th / 16th 2015

On July 16th, we have a New Moon in Cancer at 23 degrees 14 minutes.   With four planets in Cancer, including Mercury and Mars opposite Pluto, this is likely to be a very explosive time.  Cancer is all about security, safety, home, country. We are seeing increasing tensions worldwide as peoples’ security is being threatened.  In Greece, banks are still closed despite promises that they would reopen this week. Capital controls are in place with no one allowed to take out more than 60 Euros a day. Many ATM machines have no cash at all. Pensioners are fighting to get a pittance to live on. Tempers are fraying and tensions are building. In China, stock markets have fallen over →

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Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra

On April 4th, we have a very powerful Lunar Eclipse in Libra. At 14 degrees, it is triggering the square between Uranus and Pluto which is going to bring restlessness and profound change. Any course of action you set now will be in effect until the next eclipse season starting in September. I expect to see some huge events happening in the world during August, September and October.   Eclipses come in pairs. We had the Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th in Pisces, and now we have the Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4th in Libra. These eclipses have brought an intense mix of energies.  Uranus rules aviation, and on March 24th we had the tragic ‘accident’ in the →

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