Cancer New Moon, July 15th / 16th 2015

On July 16th, we have a New Moon in Cancer at 23 degrees 14 minutes.  
With four planets in Cancer, including Mercury and Mars opposite Pluto, this is likely to be a very explosive time. 

Cancer is all about security, safety, home, country. We are seeing increasing tensions worldwide as peoples’ security is being threatened. 

In Greece, banks are still closed despite promises that they would reopen this week. Capital controls are in place with no one allowed to take out more than 60 Euros a day. Many ATM machines have no cash at all. Pensioners are fighting to get a pittance to live on. Tempers are fraying and tensions are building.
In China, stock markets have fallen over 30% in less than 3 weeks. Regulators have enforced a ban on selling stocks for the next 6 months in a desperate attempt to control the markets. 
Sneakily and stealthily, governments are bringing in laws allowing banks to steal our hard-earned cash.


As Pluto retrogrades towards 13 degrees of Capricorn, which is a critical degree, it’s likely that we will see an escalation of draconian regulations and more restrictions on our freedoms.
The opposition of Mars conjunct Mercury with Pluto can spark violent words and actions.
I just opened up my Greek bank account and was given the following message: 
The following transactions are not available: 
– instant cash 
– remittances abroad 
– stock exchange transactions in Athens or internationally
The message is clear. The bank owns your money, not you. If they get into trouble, they can do whatever they want with your funds.
My landlord in Greece has told me to stop paying him any rent in advance because he doesn’t know if or when he can actually get the money. I was trying to help him by paying a couple of months rent early, but because of the current financial chaos in Greece I may not have been helping him at all.
Very few people realise that if the banks get into trouble – as they have done in Greece – they can just shut down with no notice, they can hold onto your money and in the most serious cases, they can confiscate it!!!
When a politician promises that something will not happen, the likelihood is that it will. Mr Tsipras has promised the Greek people that their bank deposits are safe. But are they?
President Obama has said that events in Greece will not cause a global economic crisis. He said that it is primarily of concern to Europe. But is it?
With the T square being triggered at the time of this New Moon and Uranus at the apex, chances are that this could be a wake-up call for many.

Here are a few things you may want to consider doing:
– get the bulk of your money out of the bank
– get some extra water, canned and dried foods
– stock up with any medications
– get some extra flashlights, batteries, candles
– if you have some spare cash buy some silver and gold

This is a brief outline, but if you have a more complex financial situation or you’d like to know how to navigate these times according to your own chart, you might benefit from a Financial Reading.

Keep in mind that when the world changes, there are also huge opportunities and vast amounts of money to be made for those that are ahead of the curve.

The great aspect that is at play during this New Moon is its trine with Saturn. This is the perfect time to examine your finances and to come up with a creative plan of action.
It is also a great time to find your ‘tribe.’ More and more of us are connecting through the internet with people who feel like our family, sometimes even more than our own blood relatives.
It is a time to help one another. Last week a 29 year old Londoner started a crowdfunding campaign to pay off Greece’s debt and within days he had raised over 2 million Euros. Sadly, it was nowhere near enough, but if we can work together and come up with Aquarian out of the box ideas, we can create miracles. 

Here’s my idea for today. Greece is the most beautiful country: great food, warm people, fabulous weather….and right now the Greeks need all the support they can get.
To encourage more tourists to visit this year, they are having a special sale on flights to the islands. I called them today and secured a flight to Crete for two people return from Athens airport for just 72 Euros! Even if I don’t end up going, this is a way to contribute to their economy.

Let’s work together! The internet gives us a unique opportunity to be a force for good in our world.

‘If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.’
Mother Teresa


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