Cardinal Grand Cross - how is it affecting you?

Many of you have already started to experience the effects of these powerful eclipses and the Cardinal Grand Cross coming up. I certainly have!

I never expected to be coming to Vienna for dental surgery. I came for just a couple of weeks or so to see some of my lovely friends, to collect a few things and to go back to Greece to experience my first ever Greek Orthodox Easter.  

What should have been a relatively simple root canal filling turned out to be a nightmare. After several unsuccessful attempts to redo the filling, the tooth was finally pulled out, I expected to feel relief immediately. Not so. More acute pain which had already been going on for months. The dentists couldn’t understand it. It seemed to be healing beautifully on the outside, but I was still in agony.  

Finally I turned to my psychic and asked her if she saw anything. She doesn’t do health readings any more and I didn’t hold out much hope. But she said, go back to the dentist, have him open it up because there’s festering bacteria behind the gums. She was concerned that it could go into my jawbone creating a serious problem.

The dentist fought with me because he couldn’t see anything, either on an x ray or on a CT scan, and he didn’t want to cause more damage to the healing process by opening it up. I insisted. He opened it up and said, you were right, there is a big infection here and we’ll drain it out. Every day for 2 weeks I went to have it drained, but it still wasn’t healing properly. I was still in more and more pain.

Eventually I went to another dentist and he opened it up even further and scraped the jawbone where there was more infection lurking.  

In even more pain, I went to the top jaw and face specialist at the hospital. He did more tests and said once again that there was nothing wrong and now because the area had undergone so much surgery, it was a chronic pain condition and no longer an infection.

What to do? I had to trust someone. The psychic wasn’t seeing anything else, but she did say that the jawbone-scraping was very important and was glad it had been done. After 3 different sets of antibiotics, I was hopeful that the last set with the maximum dosage had finally gotten all the infection.

So I am trusting the latest surgeon, I’m being positive and even starting to put a few pounds back on after living on liquids for so many months! It may take a little while to get back up to full steam again, but being pain free now is such a gift and I am very grateful to be on the mend. 

I am extremely fortunate, because no matter how sick I might be feeling, nothing has ever affected my work. When I am preparing and giving readings, all the pain goes away, and my focus is completely with my client. As well as continuing doing readings, which I love, I’ve even been able to write articles, continue writing my latest book and of course prepare my videos. Nothing ever interferes with my work.

Not everyone will have intensely difficult experiences, but most of us are aware that something major is changing in our world, both globally and personally.

In your own chart, look at the houses that the planets are transiting:
Mars retrograde in Libra indicates where you may be feeling defensive, where you need to negotiate, compromise or agree to disagree. This shows you where you may have to be prepared to fight for your rights and find the warrior within.

Jupiter shows the area of your life that needs to grow, where you need to broaden your understanding, where you need to gain a larger perspective, where you need to have more faith.

Pluto shows what is being destroyed in your life, which aspects need to die, where you need to take your own power, where you must face your fears.

Uranus shows where change is needed, where you feel rebellious, where you need space and freedom, where you are waking up and where you need to reinvent yourself.


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  1. lolitalovelolita

    Dearest Barbara Goldsmith,
    Wishing you a restful recovery; I know you will soon feel better than ever. I’m a huge fan of yours, but your health is so much more important, I’m happy your on the right strength of antibiotics’ now.
    With much love, luck, and health

  2. Susan

    Oh Barbara!,
    How awful! I’m so sorry to hear about your painful dental surgeries! I feel like you are a good friend and I want to send you hugs! I’m also glad to hear things are on the mend. I guess if you can stay positive during all of that I should be able to too in my own life!
    Lots of love and healing thoughts,

  3. Pamela

    So sorry to hear you are having such trouble with your teeth. I know how you are feeling as I had something similar once a few years back when an eclipse landed right on my Mars as a matter of fact, the timing was uncanny. My question is – how about I’m having some difficulty finding an interpretation for Mars in the 12th…what might this mean with regards to the eclipse. Also, should one look at the exact position of the planets or the house ruler (Libra rules my first house).
    Thanks. Always enjoy your upbeat posts. :))

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      Hi Pamela,
      Mars in the 12th can mean that you are doing a lot of work that doesn’t get noticed, it can push your spiritual self forward, it can be helpful for psychological and emotional healing. But as you say, it’s important to look at the whole chart rather than a small piece of it.
      I hope this helps!

  4. Julie D.

    Wow, what a trooper you are! Even while undergoing traumatic, debilitating experiences, you continue to work and spread your positive messages for the benefit of all. I wish you all the best, and hope you heal quickly. Take care of yourself, now, you hear?

  5. Felicity

    Hi Barbara, Your work is very much appreciated, and a big Thank you!
    I know toothache and root canals can cause great pain and discomfort, I had a very similair experience, but I am happy to hear that you have overcome the worst and on the road to recovery, Bravo. Take care, much love, Felicity

  6. Tara Pierce

    I had no idea you were going through such an agonizing health issue, Barbara. And yet you’ve still carried on with your eloquent and insightful astrology forecasts for which so many of us benefit. I’m grateful for being able to post them on my own website all these years. Thank you so much!…Tara

  7. LesleyAnn Gutsche

    Greetings from Cape Town. I do hope that you are fully recovered very soon. You are so generous with these mails and videos – #Gratitude! Have a peace and love-filled weekend. Love. Les.

  8. Diane

    Hi Barbara and thanks for your very insightful messages! I greatly appreciate them. I sure hope you are on the mend finally. I know your pain, as I also experienced something similar in December 2012/Jan 2013. Blessed healings to you.

  9. Kaye

    Hi Barbara, what a big whack the Grand Cross gave you! As excruciating as it sounds you’re through the worst of it now, hopefully – so onward and upward, my dear! Love and blessings, Kaye x

  10. Grazia

    Sound a true nightmare but commend you in your resolve to trust the healing process.
    Wishing you a fast recovery. I have been sick all winter and is some way it was what I needed to slow down and think about my life in my future. This T-square is touching all of my weak houses:2, 6, 10, 11, 12 Pluto is there. I hope to came out from under and learn to be free to be me.
    My best to you! Thank you!

  11. Trups

    Hi Barbara, wishing you a speedy recovery, I am also going thru eye problem since last year, kind of like stye, currently taking homoeopathic medication. Take care. Have a good weekend!!

  12. Helena

    Hi Barbara,
    Its the first time i saw yr video on ytube and went to check your site. You came across as very lively and fully charged. There is something different, i cannot explain. I wish you speedy recovery and ask for your prayers as going thru a rough time. God Bless

  13. Linda

    Hi Barbara,
    Happy Easter! I hope this finds you well and enjoying your day.
    I downloaded your Cardinal Climax audio yesterday. Fantastic information. Thank you
    for offering it! Can you please tell me which house system you prefer?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

  14. kiran

    Hi Barbara,
    I really feel for you, having been through all that pain. Life gets so “busy” that most have no time for prognosis and preventive measure until things hit us bad.
    You have all that energy to pull through the agony and to spring back to work.

    Since the April Lunar Eclipse, one can hardly miss the strange vibrations and changes in mood, and mind.

    I really admire you.

    With warm regards,

  15. Kristian

    Hi Barbara,

    Sad to hear all the pain you gone thru.
    Hope you are feeling better now after all those horrible days!
    I wish you quick recovery, and good spirits watching your health all the time.
    It’s good to listen to the Intuition and good Psychic.

    Yes for sure we can feel the tension with this cardinal climax. I believe lot of us feel some kind of restless inside, I feel it too.

    Wish you all the best and good luck!

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