Jupiter goes into Leo, July 17th

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Jupiter into Leo for all the signs

This is a great year for romance, to meet your soul mate. If you are already in a relationship, you may be discussing marriage or getting more committed. You might decide to have a baby. This is a good year to start a business that is in entertainment, or anything connected with children or games. You will have an opportunity to go on a big trip of a lifetime. This is a year to take risks, to trust your intuition, to think BIG. With the favourable trine to Uranus, you could have a huge breakthrough and achieve sudden success in your field.

This year is a turning point for you because whatever seeds you plant now you will reap in 6 years from now. This is a great time to move house, city or even to a different country. Anything concerning real estate and land is under a favourable aspect. This is an excellent time to find your ideal place to live. You may start a successful business from home. You will be blessed by the people around you who will be supportive.

This is a wonderful year for networking and connecting with important and influential people. You might host your own tv or radio show, or be interviewed by an important media channel. You’ll have the opportunity to be seen in the public eye, your website can take off and anything with communications brings you luck. It’s a year when you should feel more optimistic, more self-confident and exciting new people will come into your life. Make sure you get out and about to make the most of this expansive transit.

If you’ve been working assiduously on your career, this is the year it can really take off. This is a potentially lucrative time financially for you. Visualise your goals as though they have already happened, and take daily action steps to achieve them because this is a great year ahead for you. You may meet someone new with whom you have an instant magical connection. Some extra money could appear without warning. Make sure you declutter in order to make space for it!

With Jupiter in your sign, this is your year! Be prepared to take risks, to get out of your comfort zone, to stretch yourself in every possible way because it will pay off! You have a wonderful opportunity to meet a romantic partner, or to strengthen an existing relationship. You may go on a second honeymoon. This is your year, so THINK BIG, and put your strong will and intention behind your desires and you can manifest whatever you desire.

This year, you may reunite with a past love, make peace with a situation from your past, let go of a great deal of baggage that you’ve been carrying around with you for years. This is a year of trusting your intuition even more and developing your psychic abilities. You could meet someone special who is a healer. This is an excellent time to train in the medical / alternative healing profession. The exciting news is that next year, Jupiter comes into your sign, so this year is a time of endings and planting seeds for the new beginnings to come.

This is your year for extending and growing your social circle. Exciting new people will come into your life who have the potential of becoming lifelong friends. Your existing friends will be very supportive and helpful. Joining a new organisation or learning something new can lead you to some new and interesting people. These contacts can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Working with others this year in a team will be very beneficial. Reach out to others and look for ways in which you can collaborate.

Career success and recognition are under favourable aspects this year. You could be promoted, you may receive a salary increase, a bonus, appreciation for what you do. You may decide to take your career into a completely new direction and this is a good time to do it. Going back to college to study and extend your existing skills is under great aspects. You could win a scholarship, grant or some investment towards the cost of your studies.

Great news for Saggies: You will have opportunities for travelling that you’ve never had before. An exciting trip could change your life completely. Your health can improve especially if you are taking good care of yourself and you do things in moderation. You may meet someone from overseas who becomes a close friend and even a romantic partner. Widen your thinking and don’t allow yourself to get into a rut even if it means taking a trip at short notice to get you to see your world from a totally new perspective.

This is a year when you can receive financial help from someone else. This could be an inheritance, a tax refund, a reduction in your mortgage, an investor into your business, a grant or scholarship towards study or research. This is a great year for getting crowdfunding for a project or business you want to undertake. Studying anything in the metaphysical field could lead to a business that can be lucrative.

If you are planning on getting married or committing yourself to an existing relationship, this is your year! If you are single, you could meet someone special with whom you feel a deep connection. You’ll have several different opportunities, so don’t move too quickly into the first one that comes along. You’ll see growth and learning in all your relationships. This may mean moving on from an existing relationship or expanding it and getting counselling to deal with difficult issues so that you can have more happiness in the long run.

This transit of Jupiter gives you a unique opportunity to get your health into the best shape you’ve been in for years. You will meet just the right people who can point you in the right direction: a good nutritionist, healer, massage therapist, chiropractor, homeopath etc. You may decide to go into the healing business yourself so that you can help others become fitter and healthier. It’s a great year for studying and gaining more skills to make you more marketable in the workplace.

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