Saturn through the Houses

1st House
This is an important time to take care of your physical body and to put into place structures that ensure that you are consistent with anything concerning your health. For example: a good diet, enough regular exercise, rest and sleep, positive thoughts.

You are at the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It’s vital to set clear priorities and to stick to them. You won’t have the energy to be scattered, but you can be very productive if you focus on just two or three essential goals.

2nd House
This transit gives you a wonderful opportunity to take stock of your finances, to look at how you spend money, how you save money, what you want to achieve financially. You will need to make well thought through financial decisions during the next couple of years.

Discover what makes you feel good about yourself, what your talents are, and then figure out a way to make money from those gifts. It’s not a time to splurge financially, but rather to be focused and to have a clear plan of action.

The key is to develop the new self confidence that you found while Saturn was transiting your first house and take it into the practical world to produce tangible results.

3rd House
Saturn in this house does not allow you to scatter your energies. It’s important to structure your time and your effort. Cut out extraneous communications e.g. obsessive SMS, emails, phone calls, playing video games, or anything that is distracting you from accomplishing your goals. You’ll be able to structure the way you network and communicate more effectively. You can get rid of time-wasters and things that distract you and focus more on what is really important.

This is a wonderful time for undertaking a serious course of study that could lead to a new career and / or a professional qualification. Focus on taking practical steps on a daily basis. Look at your ideas more seriously and find a way to make them work in the real world.

4th House
This transit could trigger an exploration of your roots, where you came from, your past. Limitations from early family conditioning can come up. You may feel alone, unsupported, especially at the beginning of the transit. You may take on some family responsibilities, or a child could leave home.

It’s a great time to reorganise your home and there is often a move of home during this three year period. You might be redecorating, renovating,

Anything to do with real estate can come up: – selling, buying, moving, renting. Be extra careful when buying or dealing in any property issues because you may buy something or rent something that needs repairs and work doing to it. Make sure you check structure of the property very carefully before you sign the contract.

5th House
This placement of Saturn wants you to learn to love yourself and not to look outside yourself for love from others. It’s time to focus on what gives you pleasure and to make sure that you regularly do things that are fun and uplifting.

This is the perfect time for starting your own business, putting in a solid structure, for getting serious about turning a hobby or a creative idea into a career.

It’s not a good time for gambling and speculation. If you must invest, make sure you are being conservative and sensible.

6th House
This transit of Saturn will teach you how to be more productive and focused in your work. You may embark on a new job or career or restructure your career altogether.

It’s a wonderful time for taking full responsibility for your health and for correcting any bad habits. At the start of the transit, get yourself checked out medically and see if anything needs to be adjusted. During this transit you will have the opportunity to put into practice more discipline with your health that can increase your energy and productivity.

7th House
This transit will give your relationships an overhaul. If you are already in a relationship, if you have not been happy for a long time, this could be the time of a separation. Or, if you are prepared to put in some hard work and effort into the relationship and you can ride through the tough times, by the end of this transit your relationship can be stronger than ever before. It’s usually a make or break time.

If you are single, this can be a time to make a serious commitment and you could get into a very long relationship or even a marriage. You’ll be learning all about commitment and compromise. All relationships require compromises, but are you making too many? These will the issues that you will be addressing during this time.

8th House
This transit can trigger your addictions, compulsions and attachments. It’s a wonderful time for any kind of counselling or psychotherapy to help you release what is no longer serving you. It’s an opportunity to eliminate deep-seated habits that have been holding you back from being emotionally free.

You’ll find an inner strength during this period and if you are in a partnership you could take on more responsibility for the finances. It’s a time to learn how to depend on yourself and no one else.

9th House
You may go on a trip that is life-changing and that completely alters your perspective on life. It can bring lots of travel especially for work. International connections can be very lucrative.

Your beliefs will be tested. What do you believe in and why? What kind of future are you working towards? You’ll need to question everything and you’ll be seeking self-improvement. It’s a time to have realistic expectations and to be prepared to study and learn in order to reach your goals. It’s a great time to publish a book, film, or any kind of training or coaching materials.

10th House
This is the time to take a realistic look at what you feel you have achieved in your career / life. You could have a complete change of career or you may receive the fruits of your labour if you have been working hard towards a specific career goal. You could be promoted and asked to take on a leadership role.

It’s a good time to lay down the foundations for the future of your career. You’ll be re-evaluating your personal goals from a realistic viewpoint. Make sure you are not devoting all your time to your career and that you have enough balance in other life areas.

11th House
This is the house of friendships and often a time when friends may go out of your life. Friends who aren’t really friends will show their true colours during this transit. Saturn often brings endings so that you can make space for something new and better in your life.

You may meet someone and embark on a meaningful and long-lasting friendship.

It’s the perfect time for devoting time and energy to a cause or a charity that you believe in. You could be elected for office or take on the leadership of a club or association.

12th House
This transit will trigger deep contemplation about the spiritual and deeper meaning of your life. It’s important to face your fears, to rid yourself of outdated attachments and to be prepared for natural endings to occur. It’s likely to be an introspective time.

You could find yourself more attracted to your spiritual growth and to a more structured approach to this area of your life. It’s a great time to study yourself, for getting counselling or psychoanalysis.

It’s a great time to complete a project rather than to start something new. Try to tie up any loose ends so that when Saturn comes into your first house, you will be ready to start a whole new chapter in your life.

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  1. baidyanath chakravarty

    Dear barbara gold Smith
    Wish you very happy trip to Roam and thanks for sending my general report. Kindly go through my date of birth 23-12-1948, time of birth 22.35hrs and place of birth Mughalsarai ( dist : Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India)and see if I can do any major help to the society of universe at large.
    Thank you very much and God bless you
    Yours sincerely
    Baidya Nath Chakravarty

  2. Linda

    Hello Barbara,
    Have been following your site for some time now. Just realizing by reading “Saturn through the Houses”, I am going through a Saturn return. I wondered if you are referring to Saturn in our Natal Charts (which is in my 4th H)?
    I just recently purchased Yearly Transits and Progressions from your site which shows Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd house in Nov 2014 up to Nov 2015. (I had hoped that it was prepared byYOU).
    Can you tell me which House to consider as silly as it may sound?
    Look forward to hearing from you on your return from Rome. Best Wishes, Linda

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