Taurus Full Moon - Greed or Gratitude?? Pay it Forward

On November 6th we have a Full Moon in Taurus at 14 degrees. 

During a Full Moon in Taurus, you can expect to see anything connected with money and relationships come to a head.
Think of a Full Moon as shining a light on any situation.

I have been talking about the forces of light and dark becoming more polarized. I am also seeing the speeding up of karmic actions. What may have taken lifetimes to show up is occurring much more quickly. With our global interconnectivity, we are getting to see the results of our actions in record time.

Here’s a couple of personal examples of the light forces and the dark forces.

One of my Taurean viewers (thank you!) alerted me to the fact that someone was uploading my videos onto their own channel and stealing my content. He’s been doing it with other astrologers I respect greatly and I was able to warn them about it. That’s the dark side: People thinking they are entitled to steal other people’s hard work and effort.

In my last newsletter I shared with you about the person who had used a stolen credit card for her reading and the reversal of my $95.00 fee by Paypal.

No sooner had I sent out my newsletter and published my video, I received the $95.00 as a gift from one of my clients. She said she didn’t want a reading from me, but because she felt as though I had helped her through the years, she wanted to support people who she feels bring more light and positivity to the world.

What an honour to receive such heartfelt gift. I was of course deeply touched by her very generous gesture. I love the way we can ‘Pay it Forward’ – when someone is generous, this ripples out and touches other people, who in turn also feel like being generous…..let’s use the energies of this abundant Full Moon in Taurus to share and to pay it forward.

I think we are going to see more and more of these polarities occurring.

Never before have I seen such stark opposites.

During the Full Moon in Taurus, this is the time for expressing deep gratitude for the abundance all around us. Even just a small gesture of support to someone else will be uplifting for you.

What can you do to help someone? It doesn’t have to be financial, although it can be.

Put your focus on the bounty of what we have. All too often people here in Greece are telling me how terrible it is here, how much the people are suffering, the economy etc…….and yet not appreciating the glorious sunset, the sea breeze, the plethora of different fruits and vegetables on the markets….that isn’t to say that things aren’t difficult for people, but it’s often in the way we look at things that colours our experiences and our world.

The more you appreciate everything that you do have in your life, then less you will feel as though you are deprived.

We are here to help one another. I feel so grateful to have so many kind viewers who write to me, I receive an abundance of emails telling me that my work is making a difference. I am deeply grateful for all of you and I do make it my business to answer each and every one of you personally.

Anything sneaky is going to come to light more quickly and equally anything positive and kind is also going to become public.

We have such an amazing opportunity with the internet to change our world for the better. Taurus is always concerned about security.
Can we afford it? Have we saved up for a rainy day?

That isn’t to say that that doesn’t have a place in our world.
But also, sharing the abundance – it’s no fun to have everything to yourself. It’s much more fun when you share.
Even when I buy fish, I love saving some for the stray cats and seeing them gulp it all down in a frenzy of delight.
What do you have that you no longer need, want or use?
What can you share or give to someone else?
What has inspired you?

There are so many wonderful things happening on our planet and still most of the media (controlled by the dark forces), only want to report the tragedies and the horrors in the world.

Let’s get the balance right. During this Taurus Full Moon, let’s make a point of connecting with one another in practical ways. The true wealth is the sharing of our talents, our abilities our gifts.
Let’s help one another and start spreading the Good News!

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  1. Ellen

    Oh Barbara! Anything you write or say is so uplifting! You are truly a blessing to your readers! Keep writing. I enjoy it so and SOAK up the messages! Pay it Forward! It is the way we look at life, isn’t it? Lack or Abundance!? I love it! I try to remind myself of all that I do have! And you remind me too! Thank you.

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