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  1. Nicole Elliott

    Happy New Year Barbara,

    All the best for this coming year ! Already in your beautiful reading I see my own way coming up and being ! Lots of direction that you are taking about are taking place in my life ! Reading is just so right ! The science of astrology + the beauty of the clear vision that you have is truly a bless to offer us ! Magnificience work ! Bless your devotion and Free time that you offer with joy ;-)) easy to see ;-))

    Bless you Barbara all the best !
    Happy New Year to everyone ! ;-))
    From Montréal
    From Libra to Libra ;-)))

  2. Donna therkelsen

    You do so resonate with me,
    I have this strange feeling we may be born quite close together. What are the chances?
    Oct 12 1950. Libra.. cancer rising… Scorpio moon.
    Your paintings are really changing and becoming more , and more spiritual, is it from the channeling perhaps?
    Much love to you,

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