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  1. Vaughan Verse

    What a wonderfully optimistic forecast to start the year with. Definitely some points in there that I’ve known I need to address … but lacked the impetus…
    The “Scorpio Start” to 2018 may be the kick up the rear that I need to put aside the (not typical) tendency I’ve had to procrastinate in the last few months. Thank you for crystalising the thoughts that I’ve been ignoring – and watch this space.

  2. Lady Diane Poet

    Dear Barbara, I am sun Aries, adult daughter is sun Scorpio. I wrote a long comment in Aries 2018 video. Thank you so very much for sharing your vast knowledge and insights. I’ve enjoyed your work for several years now.
    Just to say, yes yes yes! On so many counts. While recuperating, she is going to enhance her foreign language skills and connections.
    Blessings abound for all, your energy – your soul – is beautiful! I love all that you do.

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